Adoptable Dogs Page


Ranger is a 7 year old beagle, heeler mix with a crazy quilt of beautiful colors in his coat.  Ranger is  a happy, chunky boy who likes to think that he’s a lounge lizard but once he’s let out in a fenced in area, can do the zoomies with the best of them!  Ranger is ready for his own yard to play in and soft comfy bed by the fire to enjoy.   Let his big smile make your day by filling out an application at Furbaby Rescue. 


Asher Is a dear, sweet soul whose prior life as a possible bait dog has left him with scars that only a patient, loving owner can help cure. In order that Asher may recover and come out of his shell,  a quiet home with no small children would be best as he needs to feel secure and safe.  Asher is housebroken and neutered and loves casual walks, but can get nervous when hearing loud noises.  Asher needs an experienced  companion to step up and help him to find his inner puppy again.  We know that it’s in there under all the layers of hurt that have accumulated.  Can you be the hero that Asher needs? If you are up for  this soul saving task please fill out an application for sweet Asher. 


Pepper came to us with a litter of orphans from Oklahoma.  The babies were in a town with no animal holding facility and were scheduled to be euthanized.  We did NOT let that happen!

Pepper is 3 years old and sadly has hip dysplasia in both back hips.  He takes two supplements a day and does very well.  We limit his activity and he has no issues!  He is a lab/heeler mix and a very loving dog.
Pepper needs a home where he can be a couch potato and snuggle with his person!!


Skye – black, white & brown female on the left

Chimkin – black & white male on the right


Black female Great Dane

If you’re looking for the Olympian ideal of grace, dignity and beauty, look no further than Aries the Great Dane.   Everyone’s been baffled as to why she was left to stray, but she is safe now and ready to grace her forever home with her calm, sweet presence.  Anyone who is familiar with Great Danes, knows that they are kind gentle giants with playful hearts.  So, if you have space in your heart and  home for this lovely goddess please fill out an adoption application to meet her.