Microchip Page


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Furbaby Rescue has microchipped over 2000 pets in just 8 years, and our
adopters are very pleased with the service, cost and peace of mind
knowing if their furbaby ever got loose the odds of getting it back
increase exponentially!

For example, when Team ResQ goes out on a found pet report, the very
first thing we do is scan the animal for a microchip.  If the pet has
a microchip, the owners are just a phone call away.  Your pet should
never have to enter a city pound or shelter if you have registered the
microchip with PetLink.net.

We chose PetLink because it the smallest needle and microchip in the
industry, which means less stress to your pet.  We also chose PetLink
because you register your pet one time and there are no hidden annual
fees to pay.  Your pet’s information is stored for life!!  The only
time you would need to change anything in your PetLink files would be
if your information changes; i.e. address, phone number or email. We can
microchip your pet in mere minutes, walk you through the online
registration and have you on your way home quickly!

For a mere $25 donation Team ResQ would love to give you that peace
of mind!!!